Wheel Farm Tractors Solution

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Four wheeled tractor 304A
Product features of 304a tractor
1. 4 × 3 transmission. Shuttle gears (12 forward gears and 12 reverse gears) are equipped as standard, which can meet various agricultural needs.
2. Side mounted operation, comfortable and convenient operation.
3. Main clutch: single acting dry diaphragm spring clutch, comfortable and light to operate.
4. Power take-off: an independent electric control hydraulic clutch is adopted to eliminate the impact of external force on the power take-off system. At the same time, independent control of the rear and central power take-off devices are used to make the tractor more widely used.
5. The steering wheel is rotationally adjustable, which is safe and comfortable for users of different sizes.
6. Symmetrical front axle design, single chamber double acting hydraulic cylinder, flexible steering and turning radius of only 3.3m.
7. Three point suspension: type II connecting rod, with force adjustment, position adjustment and force position comprehensive adjustment. It has the function of fast lifting and descending control.

Technical parameters of wheeled tractor
Model: Dongfeng 304a
Driving mode: four wheel drive
Overall dimension length (mm) 3290x1480x2030
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Wheelbase 1574
Track width (mm) front wheel: 1200
Rear wheel: 1100 / 1200 / 1300 / 1400
Ground clearance (mm) 358
Minimum use mass (kg) 1190
Tire front wheel 6.00-16 optional 6.50-16
Rear wheel: 9.5-24 optional 11.2-24
Walking speed (km / h) forward gear: 1.45/2.39/3.68/6.45/7.53/12.38/19.09/33.41
Reverse gear: 1.90/9.83
Engine model n390t
Bore x stroke 90x95
Power / speed: 22.1/2500
Starting mode: electric starting (with pre heating plug)
The speed of power take-off shaft (RPM) is 540, 1000 or 540, 730 rpm, six key ɸ 35 (eight key ɸ 38 is optional), in which 300A and 304a are 730 rpm or 540 / 730 rpm
Fuel tank (L) 28