Small Rice Combine Harvester Scheme Solution

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full feed self-propelled Combine harvester
Product features of 4lz-4.0z full feed self-propelled combine
1. High power turbocharged engine and lengthened threshing drum are adopted to meet the harvesting performance index under high feed rate and high harvesting efficiency.
2. It can improve the minimum ground clearance of chassis, widen and lengthen the track, and have good trafficability, which is more suitable for rotten field operation.
3. The whole machine has stable transmission, small vibration, low noise and high reliability.
4. The HST is reliable and easy to operate.
5. The whole machine has compact structure and convenient maintenance.
6. It can be equipped with cab, grass cutter, high-level grain unloading, rape header, lower cutter and other parts.
Main technical parameters of 4lz-4.0z full feed self-propelled combine
Model 4lz-4.0z
Working state overall dimension (length x width x height) (mm) 4880x3060x2490
Mass star (kg) 3200 was used
Engine name: supercharged diesel engine for vehicles
Model / rated power hard speed (kW / R / min > 4g33tc / 72 / 2400
Fuel tank capacity (L) 62
Starting mode: electric starting
Battery (V / ah > 12x120 (12V / 120ah)
Track specification of walking part (pitch x number of segments x width) (mm > 90x51x400 (450 can be matched)
Track center distance (mm} 1150
HST + gear speed change
Walking speed (km / h) low speed: 0-4.115 high speed: 0-5.335 walking speed: 0-7.985
Brake type: wet, multi disc, friction type
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 280
Average ground pressure (kPa > 20.3
Cutting width (mm > 2200)
Suitable for crop height range (mm) above 400
It is suitable for crop lodging angle) in order to cut ≤ 85, reverse cut ≤ 70
Threshing depth adjustment mode/
Header / chute lifting mode hydraulic
Gripper mode
Rotary diameter x width (mm) 900x2130
Speed change mode: uniform speed
Up and down adjustment mode: hydraulic type
Threshing part and threshing mode
Main drum diameter x Length (mm) 630 x 2000
Screening method: fan and vibrating screen
Type of fan
Diameter (mm) 390
Quantity 1
Grain tank capacity (L) 600
The number of outlets is 2
Discharge method bag
Mode of grain receiving: Manpower (automatic grain unloading and matching)
Straw chopper type: rhombic moving knife crushing type
Blade number of grass cutter: 37
Adapt to rice and wheat
Fuel consumption per unit area (L / mu) is about 1.1-2.3
Productivity (mu / h) 4-8
Total loss rate (%) ≤ 1.2 (wheat) ≤ 3.0 (rice) ≤ 8.0 (rape)
Impurity content (%) ≤ 2.0 (wheat, rice) ≤ 6.0 (rape)
Crushing rate (%) ≤ 1_ 0 (wheat) ≤ 1.5 (rice) ≤ 0.5 (rape)